Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Loving ward Family!

This is a email that We sent to Mom and Dad's ward....

I just wanted to take a moment and Thank all of you for you thoughts, prayers, tears and love at this time. I know that your Bishop has kept you updated with my dad's condition. I wanted to Thank you personally. I have never felt the Lord's love more in my life than now. I know that the qoute that my sister gave us for Christmas is true - "Today's Test is Tomorrow's Testiomy". For those of you the know my father, you know he is a fighter and he hasn't stopped fighting. He shows great signs of hope and improvement. My Mother is doing well and she is a very strong women. She has amazed me with her strength and her abilty to comfort others in her time a great concern. She appreciates all that you have done for her. Now is one of those rare yet precious times when you are forced to realize just how delicate and sacred life is. I know in my heart and mind that through this difficult time, with your thoughts and prayers, my father will recover. This is what ward families are really all about. As a closing thought, if you would like to send a note or message to my mother or father, please feel free to e-mail your thoughts to me at and I will be sure to pass them on to my mother. I know your thoughts and well wishes will be more than appreciated. Thankyou again for everything that you have done for my father and family. Sincerely, Jed and Kourtnie Powell