Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another day on the Trail....

OK so another day on the insp trail as Lindsie would say. You would think from all the driving that I do I am on the trail of something great, but no just people who don't pay there bills. They are quiet a few of them now-a-days.
Anyway, two funny things that the kids said today.
1-We had stopped at a store for a break and we were getting back in the van. I was working with Lillie and Tobey was in the cart behind me. When I heard he say MAMA--TOBEY--MAMA--TOBEY--MAMA--TOBEY, so I turned to see that he was getting carried away from me with the slat of the parking lot. He was about 25-30 feet away from the Van and about 15 feet from hitting a parked car. He thought that it was so funny. I ran a caught him before we wreaked which I sure he would have thought was AWESOME!
2- I needed to pee really bad so I found a new subdivision that has asphalt road and no house. So I went far away for the road and sat on Lillie side of the van door and peed. We have been working on patty training and when I stud up Lillie said "YA Mama go to Dairy Keen and wear my Princesses. " I Couldn't stop laughing! Freak I am still laughing about it.