Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Christmas...and an update!

Well, all and all it went well. We were all at Dad and Mom home. We had a great time being together. I really enjoy the time together that the adults get to spend on Christmas Eve. We had a great time doing our last min wrapping. Tobey got a tool bench and Lillie got a doll house. That is what Santa brought and they were very happy with the old man. Jed got me and Ipod and a DS what else could a woman ask for. LOL

I am proud to let you know that we are almost 100% out of diapers during the day. Now when we first had Lillie I knew that we were in for a good long time until we would not support Costco with our Diaper and Wipes addiction. However, we are now there. Lillie will be 3 on the 21 of this month. Costco has gotten plenty of our money. Lillie likes brother Big Boys more then the Big Girls that we had for her. I think because dad keeps her will educated with whole Hulk, Spider man and Lighting are, so when it comes down to putting on some lamb panties that have flowers on them it just doesn't cut it. The other funny thing with that is that she would wear them backward because then she can see the image better. I am so glad that Jed and Mom pulled thought and we now have Tinker Bell and Ariel....we are saved we now have "Big Girls" that she will wear!

In October Tobey had surgery,he had his Tonsils and Adenoid taken out and his Tubes replaced. The Tonsils and Adenoid needed to come out due to sleep apnea. I really wasn't ready for this to happen so close to Dad's Stuff. As you all know Tobey writes his very unique book when it comes to medical stuff. This surgery proved to be much the same. Let's just say that in the end he had 4 anthologist and an ENT to get him out of Anistece. He likes to shut down and stop breathing then they take the tube out. After 3 attempt they were able to get it out. The Anostigist Dr Holly said that it s the worst case all 4 of them had seen. Dr Holly said that there should be no more surgery for this little man. I asked if there was we would request him. He then said "You can but I am calling in sick." LOL