Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet Lillie

So my mom got this cute thing to make for Halloween and when Lillie and were making it Lillie said mom I have a great idea...let give this to grandpa Ab...So I went with it. I thought that is was so cute that is what she wanted to do with it. She was so proud when she went to give it to him all by her self. I thought that was so sweet and I know someday I will need reminded of this so I wanted to share it here so I could read back over it.


Hi this is Lillie....dear lillie i like preschool, my favorite thing is playing with toys. I was a princesses for Halloween my fav thing here was getting a lot of treats. I love to do things with my mom. I like polka dots and brushes. Dear Tobey "she say hold on" (many other random things) ok now she wants to go and play with toys with him....there you have it what lillie wants to say on the blog. She said that she had something to say so i told her she could share.

Now it mommy turn. Halloween was great this year, Tobey was a Ghost and Lillie was a Princesses. This was the first year that they really got what was going on. It was so nice that the were so excited. It makes me look forward to Christmas even more. We went to the school carnival and the kids loved that they got the were there costumes and slide on one of those big blow up things. We went to Horner3's Corner trick-or-treating and the kids though that was great. Lillie didn't like the haunted trailer at the school or anything scary but she made it through.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

1st day of School for Lillie

Look how cute she is!!!! This morning we were cuddling in bed and we told her school starts today. She said "AHHH I am so excited" Mrs Tera said that she was so excited she did some of everything. As for me...I was fine just trying to figure out which thing that needed done today that my kids would appreciate the most that I did with out them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are almost done with the remodel on the basement and I couldn't be more excited it has been a long 2 months. I will share photos later. Here are a few funny things that has happened with the kids in this time.
-Katy was helping us the other night and we were getting the kids cloths put together and she mated there sock. Something that I don't do. So the next morning when I was getting Tobey dressed I asked him to go and get his socks and he got two bundles. I threw one back to which he was so mad because "I want to wear 2 socks".
-We had all the white base board on the floor from when we painted the house. I was working on painting the fun wall and left the black out. The next morning the kids came up stairs and proudly announced that they went down and made Train tracks with the black paint on some of the white boards which I wasn't proud of.
-The day that we got carpet (so moving down that night) I caught both kids coloring on there wall. I came UN-glued. Got the love Mr Clean erasers.
-The morning that Tob went down stairs and found that I had changed his room color from red to blue he said...."mom this is awesome"
-When we started with this process the only thing that the kids were missing was each time they would come to work in the basement they would take more carpet out. Tobey told me that we needed to spank them for taking the carpet.

All in all this will be really nice when we are all the way done and moved back in. The kids are loving having there own rooms. I am loving having to re-organize everything. OK only some of the time I am loving it. Man we have a lot of junk.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well here goes some kind of a update.....

How do you update after not really writing for 6+ don't you start new. Lillie is helping me and she wants to say... Mom: What do you like to eat? Cottages Chesse, Ketchup, eggs and grapes. Mom: What do you want to do this summer? Lillie: I want to swim and play out side all summer, I also want to play in the snow.(um) also her mew fav Excvation. Mom: What your favorite toy? Lillie: Princesses, Tinker bell,fire trucks. There you go from the month of Lillie. Now we will talk to Tobey tommrow or sometime soon.