Monday, September 1, 2008

Sitting Next to the Shittier....

Well you might think that I have lose my mind and I am here to tell you that I think maybe I have. No not really this recovery of Dad has been a roller thing that I have to say very that Jed has been a trooper. He really doesn't do these sort of things very well and I was a little worried about him the first night that we got here. However he has stepped up to the plate and put his game face on. I don't have to worry about coming here he is always ready to take care of the kids. Jed has given me so much moral support. As you can imagine my emotions have been strate crazy sometimes and he is always there with a shoulder to cry on and ear to listen. Thanks you Sweetheart...this whole experience have made me realize even more why I Love You. You are my Man and I will always love you!!!

OK so you are probably wounder why I say sitting next to the Shittier....well it because in Dad's ICU room there is a toilet and the chair that we sit in are right around it. Yes that is what we do all day is sit here watch numbers and sit next to the shittier. Dad is doing well. It has been a roller coaster. We have good hour and bad hours. Its all about icp---ccp and blood pressure! We watch those numbers and hope for the best. Shoot we don't hope for the best we know that he will be coming home it is all a matter of time. They say that after 7 days the swelling should start to go down and that is today. So we are waiting to see from here where we go. He is still in a drug induced comma and is on the vent. He is showing great signs of improvement and we are very hopeful. Wait I said those same words in my last blog, but its true!!!! We are very hopeful.

They are going to but a track and g tube in probably on Wed I think... they want him to be stable for 24 hours before we do that. We we will wait and see. When you are here at the hospital its like you are in another world. Its a good thing but the waiting room for this floor is all Crital patients families we have become friends with most of them don't know there name just about there loved ones. Mom is doing so great. i want to be a wife like her...she is so uptight that she wont even read she just watches numbers.