Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Papa situation has affected the Kids

Well we pray for him all the time or they are aware what is going on with him. If you ask them what is wrong with Papa the kids will say that he "hurt his head". When you ask who is helping him they will say....Well the first couple times Lillie said Heavenly Father and the Doctors. Now they say that the Doctors are helping him. The other morning after I had a hard night at the hosptial. When I got home Lillie and I were cuddling in bed and we said a prayer for Papa. Later I was sleeping and she was playing on the bed about four times in a row she said. Heavenly Father...Bless Papa...Amen. It was so cute. It reminded me of the Faith of a child and just and simple it has to be. Later that day (about 4 hours) I was in the Kitchen and she came upstairs and said, Mama, Papa be OK. and then went on her way. I love how she keep it in perspective for me. Her child like faith is amazing and powerful.