Monday, September 8, 2008

Well, tommorw it's been two weeks!

It's amazing to me that its been that long...sometimes it seams like time is flying and other time so slow. When we started this adventure they said they we needed to measure the progress by weeks not days. So two weeks into this we have come a long way. They are working to get him off sedation now, the way that they do this is to take it off for as long as they can and then put it back on when he can't tolerate it anymore. They did it yesterday for about 2.5 hours. It was hard to watch. He moves a little more each time, he doesn't really open his eyes it not like he is all the sudden awake. The sedation meds store in your body so it will take a while for it all to wear off. The reason that they needed to put it back on was because of his blood pressure, which has been a issue for him since he was 19. The thing that is really good it that the reason isn't because of his icp (brain pressure). That tells me that the brain is doing better. Anyway, I have said that dad has always tried to teach us its ulitment patience. I know that the road will be long, however, I know for a fact with the Lords help its Possible. Someone reminded me the other day how the Lord gives you straight to be able challenges. I can feel that daily!