Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So many things to talk about and update you on, however we will start with Thanksgiving. We decided to go to St George with the family. Over all we made it through the whole weekend. The dinner was so nicely put together by my sisters and mom. We got there late Wed night so most everything was done. They did an outstanding job and I even got some G F stuff. It was nice to all be together under one roof and the day that we were thinking of things that we are grateful for. When I woke up on Thursday morning it gave me peace to know that under one roof were so many people that I Truly care about. That was reason to be very thankful. Of course it was VERY hard not to have Dad there with us. We all dealt with that in our own ways but it was nice to all be together!

As for my husband I am Thankful for....
1-He is a great Dad and Husband
2-He works hard to take care of us
3-He continues to trust and stand by me through this life adventure

As for Tobey I am Thankful for....
1-He is learning and growing so much
2- How mild mannerd and easy going he is
3- How he never gives up and just keep trying

As for Lillie I am Thankful for....
1- How she wanted to be so very independent
2- How she says and does the funniest thing, she can always make me laugh
3- She is very helpful with many things through out the day, which i always appreciate.

I love my Family and the Lord with all my heart.....I wouldn't have it any other way......because as we have all learned that is all that we have in the end!