Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guess who's in charge....

Well I am not sure what it is about Lillie lately but she thinks that she is running the show. I have had a few rough days with her. However, we had a talk tonight and I pray that she will start to get better tomorrow. If not..... We will keep working at it. She got a new bed yesterday. Nana came over today to watch the kids for a min. While she was here she took Lillie crib apart. So tonight Lillie fell asleep in the Van on the way home for Nana and Papa house (side feels so good to call there home Nana and Papa because that is what it will always be, however whenever i say it that way to the kids they correct me and tell me that Papa is with Heavenly Father....which always makes me I have had to call things just Nana's....Mom you need to know that I know it will always be the two of you,) OK back to the I brought her into the house and she sleep through me getting her in her PJ. I then laid her in her new bed. She look at me with the most concerned look on her face and said "Nana broke my bed today." It was so funny!

Today was Tobey's IEP and it went well. He is making great progress. We talked about his goals from last year and for the most part he has meet most of them. I am so proud of him!!! His 1st IEP I cried my flippin eyes out. No tears were shed over that today. I was also so proud of him today he put on his shoes for the 1st time all by himself. The past 6 months he has really taken off.

Well Dad got another Friend today. Dakota past away today. He hasn't been doing very well, but today was his day to go and play with Dad and Jack . The Family has always told me that I don't like him (I don't really care for dogs all that much) but I can say that I have shed a tear for him today. I am sure that Dad is glad to have him though.

Anyway, here is to a Better Tomorrow.