Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tobey back at Primary's

Well, here we are again at Primary Chrildrens hospital with Tobey. He is doing better this time then last and it is a fight to keep him in his bed. Last time he was mad if we even moved him. The doc's here want to try to get to the bottom of why he keeps getting sick. So we will be visiting with some speciliest this time. A kid with out ashma to have pueumonia twice in 6 week and need to be Hospitalized both time isn't usual. As for ususal when we were here last time Doctor Moloni told me something that was so funny. I was asking him if something that Tobs did medicalaly was noraml and he said "that he didn't read that book."
So yesterday when I took Tobs to see Docter Dave and even though he had seen him the day before and said that we should watch the cough and that he had an ear infection. So less then 24 hours later he was back with full blown pneumonia and needed to come to Primary's. When Dave was taking his pluse ox and he was at 82 he said "I don't even think that he saw the book, he probely ran right by it."I thought that was so funny. I guess that this point I only have two choices and that is to laugh or to cry. So as for me I am chosing to laugh.
I went to church today here at the Hospital. I really like going here not only because I went in my PJ and it was only a half an hour. I like it because of the spirit that is here! I know that Hevenly Father watchs over all his Children, but I think that he keeps a close eye on those in need in the Hospital. So there was a real strong spirit in the meeting. The speaker for the high council talked about how Hevenly Father faught for us and how that is the same thing that we are doing for our chrilden. I know that Tobs is a much stronger fighter then I am. However as a family we all carry each other at times and we will make it though this. I know that this fighter that I have for a son could have given up may time, but he knows that he has a mission on this earth and he wasnt to accomplish it.
The fear of what at the test they are running on Tobs weights heavy on my mind. What could all of this mean and what does this mean for him. When Tobs was born and I realized that we had so issuse that we would be dealing with. I knew that he was sent to our family for a reason and that we were going to learn a lot about life from him. I know that someday I will be able to look back on this whole experience and have a greater understanding. However, as for now I am greatful for the ride.