Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lillie is 2

I can't believe that Lillie is 2 now. The time has gone so fast. We had a great day on her Birthday. With Tobey just out of the Hospital not that long ago. We keep it low key playing here at the house. She got her own Kitchen, cloths and dress ups. She loves to make things for us to eat. We had a great day as a Family. We will have her party and cake and ice cream when everyone is feeling better. You will have to cheak out Lillie black eye. It is almost gone, she has been finding her inner dare devil. She loves to stand on things and then says "2, 3 " and then she jumps. I know sounds cute but the day after she got her black eye she was in the Kitchen, I was in the other room and I heard her saying 2 3 .... 2 3 ...... 2 3.... because she keep saying it so I went running in. She was standing on the table and was ready to Jump to the floor. Oh what a sweet dare devil.