Saturday, February 9, 2008

A day of insp and Visiting the Luke's

Jed went to work today and the kids and I went to Utah Co. and SLC to do insp. The good thing about the days when we only have a few houses to see is that we can go and do something fun after them. Today we went and visited the Luke's. We went shopping and took our naps at there house. Paden had a Thomas village, so many tracks and so many trains. Our kids loved it!!!!! Lillie currently Loves Thomas and wants to watch it all the time. So she really got a kick out of seeing all of her Thomas friends friends and Paden house. We went to Old Navy they are having a big sale I stocked up for the kids for summer. I usually get most of there cloths at garage sales but this will get them going this summer until I can find so great $1 cloths at garage sales.