Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hi this is Lillie....dear lillie i like preschool, my favorite thing is playing with toys. I was a princesses for Halloween my fav thing here was getting a lot of treats. I love to do things with my mom. I like polka dots and brushes. Dear Tobey "she say hold on" (many other random things) ok now she wants to go and play with toys with him....there you have it what lillie wants to say on the blog. She said that she had something to say so i told her she could share.

Now it mommy turn. Halloween was great this year, Tobey was a Ghost and Lillie was a Princesses. This was the first year that they really got what was going on. It was so nice that the were so excited. It makes me look forward to Christmas even more. We went to the school carnival and the kids loved that they got the were there costumes and slide on one of those big blow up things. We went to Horner3's Corner trick-or-treating and the kids though that was great. Lillie didn't like the haunted trailer at the school or anything scary but she made it through.