Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are almost done with the remodel on the basement and I couldn't be more excited it has been a long 2 months. I will share photos later. Here are a few funny things that has happened with the kids in this time.
-Katy was helping us the other night and we were getting the kids cloths put together and she mated there sock. Something that I don't do. So the next morning when I was getting Tobey dressed I asked him to go and get his socks and he got two bundles. I threw one back to which he was so mad because "I want to wear 2 socks".
-We had all the white base board on the floor from when we painted the house. I was working on painting the fun wall and left the black out. The next morning the kids came up stairs and proudly announced that they went down and made Train tracks with the black paint on some of the white boards which I wasn't proud of.
-The day that we got carpet (so moving down that night) I caught both kids coloring on there wall. I came UN-glued. Got the love Mr Clean erasers.
-The morning that Tob went down stairs and found that I had changed his room color from red to blue he said...."mom this is awesome"
-When we started with this process the only thing that the kids were missing was each time they would come to work in the basement they would take more carpet out. Tobey told me that we needed to spank them for taking the carpet.

All in all this will be really nice when we are all the way done and moved back in. The kids are loving having there own rooms. I am loving having to re-organize everything. OK only some of the time I am loving it. Man we have a lot of junk.